🏈 LA Chargers Linebacker Selected as 2019 Champion for Youth

Los Angeles Chargers Linebacker, Uchenna Nwosu

For Uchenna, it all started with a simple dream. This dream was to become a professional football player and use his platform to give back to his community.Β His dream became a reality in 2018 when he was selected as a second round draft pick by the Los Angeles Chargers football team.

Uchenna sought an uplifting place in his hometown of Carson where he could serve as a positive mentor to youth. His search brought him to Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson, where he has proudly been challenging and uplifting Club kids by coaching the flag football team at Main Street Clubhouse. Thanks to Uchenna, our youth are not only excelling on the field, they are learning skills to become the next generation of community leaders.

You can meet Uchenna and hear more about his involvement with the Club by joining us at Blue Door Bash on Wednesday, November 13th at Porsche Experience Center, Los Angeles.


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