Andeavor STEM Day Celebration

What an inspiring day! On May 19th, we celebrated the achievements of our STEM Academy youth at our annual Andeavor STEM Day. Club members participated in a variety STEM activities including chemistry, robotics, virtual reality, physics, water conservation, circuitry, and more!

At the beginning of the year, students were asked to come up with a project that they were passionate about and focused on the scientific and engineering methods. Students presented their projects to a panel of judges who awarded points based on a rigorous rubric.

We awarded three winners the top prizes:

1st Place: Xavier 8th Grade – Main Street Clubhouse, Project “Violent Video Games ≠ Violent Kids”
2nd Place: Ricardo 6th Grade – Main Street Clubhouse, Project “Wings Make You Fly”
3rd Place: Danyella 6th grade – Markham Middle School, Project “Do Middle School Kids Perform Better On A Test If Someone is Looking At Them or Not?”

First place, in addition to their trophy, won a Nintendo Switch console with Labo to inspire engineering innovation. Second place won a Nintendo 2DS, and third place won a $100 gift card! We believe it is through these experiences that youth will remember and be inspired to pursue STEM in their academic endeavors. Thank you to Andeavor for making STEM opportunities available to our youth!

If you would like to empower the next generation of STEM leaders, by volunteering at any of our STEM programs or events, click here.

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