Teen Club Member Spotlight, Andrea

“I want to look at youth in my community and say, ‘I made it and so can you.’ ”

My name is Andrea. I am Senior at King Drew High School and I have been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson for four years. My personal life has not always been perfect, but the Club has always supported me during these hard times. Trust me, there were some hard times.

Aside from the challenges of school work, I also have the responsibility of taking care of my younger sister. She has a heart problem which causes her to pass out sporadically.

On top of caring for my sister and mother, who also faces medical challenges, I have to make time for school, extracurricular activities and a
job to help with increasing medical costs. Kids like me don’t make it far in this world. We often drown in the waves of everyday life. Unlike other kids, the Club was there for me.

I was recruited by one of the staff members for the College Bound program. I was not sure I could make it into college, but they believed in me. College Bound opened my eyes to what my future could be. They taught me about financial aid, all my school choices, the application process and future careers. Most importantly, they cared. They told me that as long as I worked hard, I didn’t have to drown. I could fly. I did just that as I was accepted into over 15 colleges.

A lot can change in four years. I use to believe that there weren’t many options available to a girl like me. Today, the possibilities are endless!

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