Employee Spotlight, Jerome Jordan

Jerome Jordan, Youth Development Professional, Bonita Elementary School 

As a certified personal trainer and future sports medicine practitioner, Jerome is using his passion for healthy lifestyles to positively impact kids at Bonita Elementary School. We sat down with Jerome to discover what inspires him to work with kids at the Club!

What is one accomplishment that makes you most proud of the work you’ve done at the BGCC?
There have been so many accomplishments that I can’t just think of one!  I  love making an impact in kids lives by allowing all members to feel welcome every time they walk into the Club.

What do you love most about working at the BGCC?
What I love most about about working at the BGCC is that each day I get the opportunity to put a smile on so many kids’ faces.

In your eyes, how has the BGCC impacted the communities of Carson and South Los Angeles?
In my eyes, the BGCC has impacted the communities of Carson and South Los Angeles by giving the inner city youth opportunities that are not always readily available to them. Also, the Club gives youth a safe place and an outlet outside of whatever troubles they face on a daily basis.

Dream big!  If the sky was the limit, what is one thing you wish you could provide for your Club kids?
If the sky was the limit, one thing I would love to provide is free health screenings and fitness programs to all members and their families.

Do you have any closing thoughts for us?
Working at the Club is hard work, but it is also the most fulfilling work I could ask for.  I am certain my work and the entire BGCC team are making a difference! 

Are you interested in volunteering with youth and being a partner with Jerome?  Check out our Volunteer page and join our volunteer team!


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