Andeavor STEM Academy Spotlight, Jimena

“I didn’t know what the point of math was until I came to the Club. Mr. Alfredo helps me with cool projects.” 

-Jimena, 7th grade Club member and future chemist.


Jimena is a second year STEM Academy member who is passionate about her education.

At her school, most teachers don’t stay after school to offer additional help. She works hard to get good grades in STEM despite the lack of resources that are available in her community. Through one-on-one mentoring with Club staff and volunteers, she completed her first STEM project,“How Do Snails Move” which explores the chemical and anatomical features that snails use to move.

With the help of Andeavor STEM Academy, Jimena has developed into a leader among her classmates. Today, she inspires her fellow STEM Academy members to be successful in the Club’s Third Annual STEM Day.

If you would like to support future leaders like Jimena, visit our volunteer page.

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