Andeavor STEM Academy Spotlight, Danyella

“Learning about science is important; I believe it makes me a better person when I understand the world better.”
-Danyella, 6th grade Club member and future doctor “


Danyella is a newcomer to the Andeavor STEM Academy with a passion for discovery.

She lives in a tough neighborhood where girls are discouraged from pursuing careers in STEM. At times, Danyella would become extremely frustrated learning the skills needed to create her project for STEM Day. Through one-on-one coaching with Club staff, Danyella persevered through her fears and earned third place in the annual STEM Day competition.

Today, Danyella aspires to expand STEM opportunities for fellow Club members, especially young women, like her!

If you would like to help Danyella in her mission to inspire young women in STEM, visit our volunteer page. 

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