Volunteer Spotlight, Zeta Mu Beta Fraternity Inc.

Zeta Mu Beta Fraternity at California State University, Long Beach, has been one of our shining community groups for the past two years that has provided our Club with endless support for events such as the Blue Door Bash Annual Gala and  the Youth of the Year Annual Recognition Night.


What is one accomplishment that makes your group most proud of the volunteer work you’ve done at the Club?

One accomplishment that we are most proud of is establishing a strong connection with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson. We have been working with them for about two years, and before that we were having a hard time finding an organization to connect with in our community. Hopefully this won’t be the last year that we will be with them!

What do you all love most about volunteering at the BGCC?

About half of our members are from Carson, so not only are we giving back to a great community cause, we are also giving back to the community that many of our members were raised.

In your eyes, how has the BGCC impacted the communities of Carson and South Los Angeles?

The BGCC has provided support for not only the youth that are a part of these programs but for their families as well. Some of our members were part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson and these programs have helped them establish friendships with staff and other Club members. The Club has also provided our members a chance for them to reconnect with our childhood communities.

Dream big! If the sky was the limit, what is one thing you wish you could provide for your Club kids?

We wish that we could provide endless support for the youth so if they ever struggle to believe in themselves, then they know they have people from the community who believe in them. We want every kid to know that the sky is the limit!

What would you say to anyone who is considering volunteering at the Club?

We would say to keep in mind that not only are they volunteering time and providing services to the youth, they are also getting something out of it that is a very rewarding experience, which is spending time with amazing kids.

YOU can join Zeta Mu Beta in helping youth create GREAT FUTURES by becoming a volunteer today!

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