Volunteer Spotlight, Harriett Switzer

For Harriett Switzer, Volunteer and STEP UP Scholarship Sponsor, a desire to serve turned into a passion for youth development.  We asked Harriett to sit down and give us a glance into her time as a volunteer with the Club!

What is one accomplishment that makes you most proud of the work you’ve done at the BGCC?

It has to be the growth of the Youth of the Year leadership program. I am a firm believer that education is critical to the success of our youth. When I attended my first Youth of the Year ceremony, I noticed only the winner received a financial scholarship, but I knew we could do more!  With the support of the Club, I created the STEP UP scholarship that allows all Youth of the Year participants to receive a scholarship for successfully completing the program.

What do you love most about volunteering at the BGCC?

I love the feeling of making a difference in the lives of youth and families. Whether I am in the office filing papers or working with youth at the program sites, I know I am making an impact on the lives of those who need us most!

In your eyes, how has the BGCC impacted the communities of Carson and South Los Angeles?

The Club has given the communities of Carson and South Lost Angeles hope. Because of the Club, kids are succeeding despite many educational barriers.

Dream big!  If the sky was the limit, what is one thing you wish you could provide for Club kids?

If the sky was the limit, I would love to provide Club kids with a new building so that we can serve more youth!

Do you have any closing thoughts for us?

Yes, I would encourage future volunteers to spend time at the Club. In spending time with the kids, I receive so much more than I give.



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